Texas Nuclear Alliance Hosts Discussion on Future of Nuclear Industry in Texas

Event co-hosted by the American Conservation Coalition and attended by Texas government leaders, nuclear industry experts, academia and nuclear advocates

AUSTIN, Nov. 9, 2023 — The Texas Nuclear Alliance, an association focused on bringing together leaders and grassroots in the nuclear industry who aim to make Texas the new world leader in the peaceful and productive uses of nuclear technology, on Tuesday evening hosted a screening of iconic director Oliver Stone’s thought-provoking documentary NUCLEAR NOW. Co-hosted by the American Conservation Coalition, the screening was followed by a panel discussion featuring Texas policymakers, regulators and nuclear industry experts leading the charge to help shape the state’s future nuclear potential.

“Texas is the energy capital of the world, and last night demonstrates that it won’t be long before we are the nuclear capital of the world,” said Reed Clay, president of the Texas Nuclear Alliance. “The Texas Nuclear Alliance will continue to work to bring together the lawmakers, regulators, innovators, energy experts, academia and grassroots advocates who all see Texas as the next nuclear superpower.”

NUCLEAR NOW is a critically acclaimed film released earlier this year that explores the possibility for the global community to overcome challenges and reach a brighter future through the power of nuclear energy.

The post-screening panel discussion included Texas Public Utility Commission Commissioner Jimmy Glotfelty, who is Chair of the newly-formed Texas Advanced Nuclear Reactor Working Group, Texas State Representative Cody Harris who serves as Vice Chair of the House Nuclear Caucus, and Douglass Robison, Founder and President of Natura Resources LLC, an advanced nuclear developer based in Abilene.

The panel discussion focused on Texas’ immense potential to be the next world leader in nuclear. Panelists discussed the ways the PUC’s Advanced Nuclear Reactor Working Group can help blaze the path for Texas’ global nuclear leadership, the role the Texas Legislature plays in ensuring that the right policies are in place to allow Texas to be the next nuclear leader, and how emerging technologies such as advanced reactors like the one being developed by Natura Resources in Abilene can power the future.

“There are so many opportunities for this state to lead in this area, and I look forward to working together with industry, academia, government officials and anyone who wants to help solve the questions about how do we get the state ready for this new industry,” said Commissioner Glotfelty.

“We are in an energy picture where we need to start looking now to solve for our future energy needs as fast as we can. Nuclear is the solution, and particularly advanced technologies such as small modular reactors which are safer, more efficient, cost less and have a smaller footprint. We can power the world and make breakthroughs in industries such as medical isotopes, water desalination and data centers, and Texas can lead the way,” said Robison. 

“There are two questions that the State of Texas has to answer in the foreseeable future: how are we going to provide enough reliable electricity and how are we going to provide enough drinkable water. The timing is perfect. Now is the time for nuclear, and that’s recognized by people on both sides of the aisle and we need to continue to build momentum behind it,” said Rep. Harris.

“This highly successful event would not have been possible without our generous sponsors,” concluded Clay. “Thank you to Natura Resources, Crosswind Media and Public Relations, and The Mach 1 Group for your support.”

For media inquiries or more information, contact Lauren Clay at Lauren@TexasNuclearAlliance.org.


The Texas Nuclear Alliance focuses on increasing awareness of nuclear technology’s crucial role in everyday life and educating Texans and policymakers about the benefits of nuclear technology.

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